Crystal Champions

A turn-based PvP game for mobile.

Coming December 2020.

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What is Crystal Champions?

In Crystal Champions, players face off in exciting duels of skill and strategy, utilizing their arsenal of unique champions to achieve victory and dominate the arena. The goal is to destroy the enemy crystal, but it is not as easy as it sounds—enemy champions can get in the way or pick off your own champions. With 40 champions possessing different playstyles and synergies, there are countless team compositions and strategies to architect!

Meet the Champions


For such a small package, Aurelia packs quite the punch! She stuns with every attack, allowing her to harass opposing champions and break up combos. Looks can be deceiving!


Penumbra is the complete utility champion. Strong in both offense and defense, he can heal himself and resurrect teammates, as well as dish out major damage. And let's not even get into his passives!

Bullseye Bill

Talk about a sharpshooter! Bill is the ultimate DPS champion—his attacks pierce on every hit, and he can grant teammates this ability too! And when he uses Bulletstorm, you better start running!

Epic Realtime Battles

Make the most out of your champions to destroy your foes! Go aggressive and target the crystal, or play conservative and take out the opposing champions first—the choice is yours. Try not to lose your champions though, because it will take time for your next reinforcement to spawn!

Grow Your Collection

Select from 40 unique champions to build your own squad! Each champion possesses different strengths and weaknesses. Through careful team building and trial and error, you can construct a squad that dominates in the arena!

Climb the Ranks

Compete in PvE events, or duke it out against other online players for glory. Every win will award you loot and xp, as well as taking you higher up the ladder. Achieve higher ranks to get better season and victory rewards!

New Offerings Daily

Come back every day for new offerings! Whether it's a new champion to unlock, more copies to upgrade your champion with, or free champion coins or crystals, the store has it all!

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