Dungeonlite Duelers

Explore. Scavenge. Survive. Repeat.

About Dungeonlite Duelers

Dungeonlite Duelers is a multiplayer game that combines battle royale mechanics with dungeon crawler mechanics in a unique blend of exploration, progression, and competition. Players spawn in a procedurally generated dungeon and scavenge for loot, farm enemies, defeat bosses, and fight other players for survival. Team up with others or enter the depths alone. Customize your playstyle as you go with a variety of spells, characters, gear, and weapons to choose from!

Explore an Intricate Dungeon

The dungeon is procedurally generated each game and populated with unique objects and NPCs to discover, ensuring that no run will feel the same. Venture into the unknown as you find enemies, other players, and terrifying bosses to slay. Collect the loot they drop and upgrade your inventory, growing stronger as the storm closes in.

Build Your Playstyle

Find and collect a variety of spells to add to your arsenal. Will you be a stealthy assassin, using invisibility and blink spells to hunt down and get in close with your foes? Or will you be a strategic planner, controlling the map through the use of barricades and traps? The possibilities are limitless—that is, if you can find the right spells.

Survive With Friends

Team up with your buddies in games of cooperation, camaraderie, and close teamwork. Hunt down opposing teams and take down bosses with your allies by your side. You will have to work together to endure the unforgiving dungeon, and if you play your cards right, you might just be the last team standing.

Join our Discord

We're still in the midst of development, but good news, you can try the game now! We host lots of playtests on our discord server where you'll have opportunities to play, so come on in. Plus, you will be able to stay updated with our progress and talk to the developers!

Join our Team!

We're looking for passionate people to help us make Dungeonlite Duelers as awesome as it can be. If you like what we're building, and you want to get in on the action, apply to be a part of the dev team!